5th Ennead | Plotinus


The Fifth Ennead

1 Book. The Three Initial Hypostases.
2 Book. The Origin and Order of the Beings. Following on the First.
3 Book. The Knowing Hypostates and the Transcendent.
4 Book. How the Secondaries Rise from the First: and on The One.
5 Book. That the Intellectual Beings Are Not Outside the Intellectual Principle: and on the Nature of The Good.
6 Book. That the Principle Transcending Being Has No Intellectual Act. What Being Has Intellection Primally and What Being Has It Secondarily.
7 Book. Is There an Ideal Achetype of Particular Beings?
8 Book. On the Intellectual Beauty.
9 Book. The Intellectual-Principle, the Ideas, and the Authentic Existence.